Adding colour to community focused telecommunications

Foundation Telecom is a telecommunications company that sells telephone, mobile and internet plans for homes and businesses. They’re also a Telco with a conscience – they match donations made by their customers to select charities for up to $100.

The Tonic

When considering a brand identity and a refresh of Foundation Telecom’s marketing material, we wanted to add some personality and to incorporate their caring and approachable side. We stripped much of the technical jargon out of their content, replacing it with softer, benefit driven language and simplified the overall messaging so as not to confuse their customers.

In terms of their visual identity, we wanted to add more colour and a sense of youth and vibrancy than you would traditionally see in this space.

Key challenges:

  • Enabling Foundation Telecom to stand out in a sea of telecommunication companies.
  • Communicating only the essential information to customers, in a friendly way.
  • Simplifying the potentially confusing pricing and plan options.
  • Making people feel that this is a Telco who cares.
  • Responsive Website
  • Electronic Email Campaign
  • Facility Branding
  • Way-finding Signage
  • The first message that greets you when you visit Foundation Telecom’s website is WE SUPPORT YOU – AT WORK, AT HOME, IN LIFE. It’s this positive and caring feel that we’ve managed to instil in every piece of creative that formed part of this branding project.