The Challenge

We need to take our systems and resources online to provide a digital portal to streamline processes for the legal professionals that use our services.

The Tonic


The Legal Practitioners Liability Committee (LPLC) is the professional indemnity insurer for Australian legal practitioners. Until recently, LPLC required all legal practitioners to post hand written insurance renewal forms to their office, where each practitioners’ premium was calculated individually and payment processed manually – a time consuming process fraught with difficulties.

Digital Tonic has resolved this issue for LPLC, by developing an online insurance renewal system. Now practitioners complete an online form that automatically calculates the appropriate renewal premium, issues a tax invoice, enables secure online credit card payment and finally issues a certificate of renewal for practitioners to retain.

  • Website Development
  • Web App with e-commerce capabilities
  • Online Resource Portal
  • Content Management System
  • 98% renewed online
  • reduced hours of admin double handing of data