United Energy and Multinet Gas

The Story

United Energy (UE) is responsible for distributing electricity to over 650,000 customers across east and south-east Melbourne and the Mornington peninsula every day. They power homes, businesses and cafes, and the light up the streets at night. They’re not the ones generating electricity, marketing energy plans or sending bills to customers (that’s the energy retailers)… but they are responsible for making sure the power stays on.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) now requires United Energy to engage directly with their customers for the first time, as part of their five yearly pricing and investment proposal. But how do you engage with people who don’t know they’re your customer, or even that you exist?


Customers cannot chose their electricity distributor, so awareness of the United Energy brand has always been low. However a changing energy landscape – with emerging technologies, environmental concerns, and new regulations around pricing – meant this had to change.

Digital Tonic assisted United Energy to generate awareness of their role in the energy supply chain while seeking their customers’ feedback on their performance now and their electricity priorities in the future. We extended their existing corporate brand, introducing a more approachable look and feel with a visual and written language that moved their focus from ‘us’ to ‘you’. A new suite of infographics, icons and lifestyle focused imagery, help to convey the value they deliver in a way that customers can quickly comprehend.

Key challenges:

  • Creating a clear and simple message about who UE is and what they do
  • Explaining how energy actually gets to homes and businesses and the role UE plays
  • Making customers care about electricity distribution
  • Connecting with customers on a human level
  • Making the customer the hero rather than UE
  • Presenting value in what UE deliver

The new customer-focused look and feel was carried across an information kiosk used in various shopping centres, an interactive app used to survey customers, various publications, local newspaper advertising, flyers and direct mailers and across UE’s dedicated ‘Your Say’ stakeholder website.

  • Slideshow for kiosks and focus groups
  • Interactive survey
  • Refresh of the customer feedback website 'Your Say'
  • Design and project management of three UE information kiosks
  • More than 1000 customers engaged at the UE shopping centre kiosk
  • 300 survey completed